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The Local Business Directory of our Dreams?

Welcome to your City Directory! We designed it to support you as a local resident and our real neighborhood businesses. We do not need large corporate entities or referral services to find businesses close to home. Our directory is 100% Free to all residents and local businesses.

Who supports us? You do, by patronizing the truly local businesses that are listed in our directory.

All real businesses we find are listed at no charge. If the business likes what we are doing, they can inexpensively upgrade their listing to tell you more about themselves - but it is optional. The cost to businesses that upgrade their listing here is so low that they don't have to raise their prices to cover it.

All Home Repair services must be registered contractors to be listed in our directory. We do verify that they have the proper registrations, bonding and insurance if required by law before the listing is initially published. Be sure to do you own due diligence. Verify a contractor is still current with their registrations and insurance before you hire them - L&I Contractor Lookup.

If you don't see a business you think belongs here please add it. If you see a business listing that doesn't belong here - let us know and we will remove it.

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SeattleOnly is Different


You get real local business listings. No fake listings, no spam, no third party advertising. Just a real list of local businesses that we have vetted for legitimacy.


Positive reviews are posted. Negative reviews are forwarded to the business to address. If complaints aren't dealt with by the business the business will be removed from the directory.


You can claim or create a business listing. Efficiently manage your own business listing with the option to add additional features.

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